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  1. WTCR Blue
    WTCR Blue
    Blue is a Silver Blue Irish and is one of our favorite breeding males. He is known around here as our "Gentle Giant", as he is very mellow and docile.
  2. WTCR Baxter
     WTCR Baxter
    Baxter is a Silvered Black Berkshire Tailless. His little face makes us smile, he is always very eager to make new friends and give away some kisses!
  3. WTCR Ben
    WTCR Ben
    Ben is a sweet and quiet Himalayan. He enjoys rides in our pockets and loves playing in the grass!
  4. WTCR Aphrodite
    WTCR Aphrodite
    Aphrodite is a Silver Blue Hooded Satin Dumbo. Gentle and kind, she is always excited to say hello to anyone who wants some company.
  5. WTCR Zeus
    WTCR Zeus
    Zeus is a Blue Self Hairless. Always a happy bouncing little guy.
  6. WTCR Kaja
    WTCR Kaja
    Kaja is a gentle Standard Variegated Beige who will do anything for chin rubs!
  7. WTCR Layla
    WTCR Layla
    Layla is a very curious little Black Berkshire Hairless. She is happy to search the kitchen floor for crumbs, but always comes when called!